Recommended books to put you on the path to financial independence.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor is regarded as the best investment book of all-time by the man regarded as the best investor of all-time – Warren Buffett. Graham lays out timeless investment advice regarding how to select and manage investments and how to manoeuvre the repeating cycles of stock market madness – essential reading.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad was the first book I read some years back that really made me think about money. My Dad had always been good at saving and investing and I had inherited some of those qualities but there was still something missing. This book really opened my eyes to how the wealthy think about and utilise their money. It’s written in a really simple manner so it’s concept and message is easily understood. So many books on finance overcomplicate subjects with technical waffle or just write them in a highbrow way, that it is refreshing to read something simply presented. Highly recommended, especially for newcomers to finance.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit is a fascinating read. It lays bare how our habits are formed, why they are so ingrained, and how we can take positive steps to permanently change them. For each of us to progress, we need to change what we are currently doing, and this book shows you the powerful but simple steps to do just that.

The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

The 4 Hour Work Week is a classic and laid the foundations for the digital nomad or freelancer lifestyle movement. The book is a great inspirational resource to make you consider how you could transform your current lifestyle into one with much more freedom. The book is packed full of great ideas and testimonial stories of those that took the leap! Highly recommended to get you thinking about other possibilities and an alternative way forward.

The Art of Execution by Lee Freeman-Shor

The Art of Execution is a thrilling read. It exposes how even the highest paid global fund managers being paid millions of dollars a year make the same simple mistakes as everyday traders…BUT, there is a technique they utilise that still enables them to win! Even if you are not a trader, just a regular investor this is an essential read.

Come Into My Trading Room by Dr Alexander Elder

Come Into My Trading Room is without question the best book I have read on trading. It is written quite simply as trading books go, but offers a very different perspective and insight than most other trading books I have read. The author really reduces the entire trading process into an simple set of steps that can be executed without the emotional drama of the typical trader. Even for regular stock investors this book details how and when to buy at the most opportunistic time.