Stuff I use

Transferwise (now rebranded as Wise)

I use Transferwise regularly when I need to transfer money abroad. They offer the best real-time market exchange rates with extremely low fees which means that they offer the best overall rates wether you are sending small or large sums.

They also offer a borderless multi-currency bank account which is ideal for travellers, freelancers and expats. It enables you to hold and spend over 50 currencies in the account, has a linked debit card, lets you receive money for free, zero foreign transaction fees, zero annual account fees or ATM charges and more!


I use this brilliant resource extensively both for trading and investing. Tradingview is used by professional and amateur traders to give them a more powerful insight into the technical analysis of a range of stocks, funds, commodities etc. It has more powerful features than typical trading accounts including a huge list of classic and custom indicators. I use this as my no.1 chart platform when trading. There is also an interesting user trade ideas section plus a good news feed. Highly recommended.


Vanguard offers the cheapest and best value investing platform in the U.K (Also operates in U.S). It specialises in it’s own low cost mainly passive (non-managed) tracker funds, ETF’s and Bonds which offer global diversification. It does not offer access to funds from other companies or individual stocks. You can set up either regular accounts, ISA’s or SIPP’s. As low fees are often one of the most critical factors in overall fund performance and return, Vanguard is an obvious option.


Coinbase is among the most trusted and well established cryptocurrency exchanges operating today. Their user interface is very well designed and makes the buying and selling of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies very simple. You can even buy with a debit card or set up regular buys. It also offers additional financial protection to U.S customers.

CoinbasePro is the linked trading site to Coinbase. Here you can trade cryptocurrencies, rather than just buy, sell or hold them. As a trading site it offers more in terms of trading indicators and other information than the simple displays on Coinbase. As the two sites are linked, you can transfer funds quickly and easily between the two. Transaction fees are also lower on here.


Bitmex is an extremely popular cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform. It is different to many others because you cannot buy Bitcoin here, but purely trade it against other cryptocurrencies or the dollar. Because of this, you simply either gain or lose in the amount of Bitcoin that you hold. Sign up with my link to Bitmex to receive a 10% discount on fees for 6 months.

It’s key attraction is the high degree of leverage you can use (up to 100x on BTC) and the contracts it offers such as Bitcoin and Ethereum futures. it also has amongst the highest levels of liquidity in the world for Bitcoin which means that it is usually very quick and easy to enter and exit positions.


If you start to invest in Cryptocurrency you need a secure hardware wallet to store it in. Ledger make the world’s best selling hardware wallet technology. I personally use the Ledger Nano S, which is a fantastic affordable hardware wallet. If you want to invest in a lot of different Cryptocurrencies rather than a few, the Ledger Nano X is a better choice as it can hold 100 currencies and supports 1500, plus you can connect it direct to a smartphone for live crypto transfers and trading.

Lebara (UK)

I switched to Lebara after my previous mobile PAYG provider which i had been with for quite a few years decided to triple my standard rates! – see ya! I did some deep searching and found Lebara which uses the Vodaphone network in the U.K offering some insane deals. Although their deal was almost half the price of my previous provider with more data as well, they even did an extra promotion of 50% off for the first 3 months. You can get this great deal to with Lebara if you sign up before 31 July 2021.

Amazon Prime

I recently switched to Amazon Prime Video from Netflix using their free 30 day trial and have been so glad I did. Amazon has a much larger and far superior selection of movies by comparison. I like a wide range of films but Amazon is much better for independent, foreign and niche movies compared to Netflix. I don’t really watch series but Amazon has it’s own high quality series as well. You also get the advantage of being able to rent newer movies on demand for a small fee if you choose.

If you want the extra’s that the full Amazon Prime offers such as unlimited free one-day delivery on items, thousands of titles from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, secure, unlimited photo storage and access to over 2 million songs on Prime Music then check out the free 30 day trial

Best of all, if you’re a student check out Prime Student, which offers an amazing deal of a 6 month free trial followed by 50% discount on the usual price. It additionally includes exclusive student offers including 10% off textbooks from Amazon.


I’ve used Namecheap for years for blogs I have created in the past. Namecheap is well known for offering the lowest prices on domain names for websites, but less well known is the fact that it offers some of the lowest cost hosting packages, dedicated wp hosting, vpn and web security solutions. I’ve always been very happy with their services which is why I continue to use them.


I just love Apple. Always have, even since the early days!

I use the Apple iMac 27″ as my main computer and it’s awesome. It’s fully loaded with 16MB RAM which makes a big difference when you are running demanding applications such as music or video production software. I love the huge high definition screen as I watch a lot of movies on Amazon plus it’s very useful when trading as the larger screen gives much better insight when viewing charts than smaller devices. It’s really fast and handles running multiple applications with ease. Highly recommended.

I use the Apple MacBook Air when I’m working outside or travelling. This laptop has a great design, I think it’s one of the best apple has ever made. The super-lightweight and compact design combined with a high definition screen and great keyboard action make this a fantastic laptop. It’s quick too, and now with the latest Apple M1 chip which supercharges performance and battery power it’s a no-brainer for those who want a high quality, compact laptop on the move.

I originally used an iPhone 4 for years and loved the iconic aluminium design of that model. I now use the iPhone SE which was the natural successor for me to eventually migrate to. I like a compact phone that can easily fit in my pocket and is comfortable to hold and use in one hand. This device still offers great performance and can run the latest O.S and apps but is much more affordable than other models.